About Us

Our Story

Salvatore and Danilo are childhood friends from Uri in the Province of Sassari in the Italian region Sardinia.  They found their way to Ireland after the financial crisis of 2007. Both had learned to work hard and run a business from their families.  So, they worked their way up and had tremendous success in the hospitality sector of Dublin.  Then the pandemic came along and their prosperity came to an end.  But rather than give up and go back to Italy, they decided to use that time to plan and create something that would be very special. A year ago, they discovered the good milk and nice grass of Kilkenny and decided it would be the perfect place to produce their own cheese.  So, they opened their own artisanal cheese making shop on Friary Street.  They are waiting for you to visit and share their love of cheese, wine, olive oil and other Italian products with you at Aretesan Cheese House in Kilkenny.

Our Team


Salvatore Pisanu

Co-Owner / Store Manager

Back in Sardinia, Salvatore's family ran a prosperous beer production in the 1990's.  This success drove him to create his own business where he could produce quality food. Salvatore came to Ireland 8 years ago and brought his love of Italian food to the restaurants of Dublin by way of importing of goods.  He now brings the best Italian imports to Friary Street in Kilkenny.


Danilo Petretto

Co-Owner / Cheesemaker

Danilo grew up on his family farm and saw first hand how nice grass produced good milk from which quality cheese could be made. He was working as a pizza chef in Dublin when the Pandemic started and decided to return to Italy to become a cheesemaker. Danilo combines his farming knowledge and cheesemaking passion to create tantalizing tastes at Artesan Cheese House in Kilkenny.


Davide Doré

Customer Service

Davide is from Alghero in Sardinia and also made his way to Dublin to find success.  He worked behind the bar in Dublin and has a knack for helping customers.  Davide is a wine expert and knows which wine pairs best with your purchases.  He is excited to learn about the production and history of cheese so that he can help you make the best decisions when you come into the shop on Friary Street.